March 31, 2016

Shine Bright

Radiant Human isn’t just making pretty pictures.

I’m not a superstitious person. That is, unless it comes to cracks in the concrete, salt spilling on a table, Friday the 13th, and the evil eye.

Okay, so I am a little superstitious. I totally believe in putting positive energy out into the universe, and if you do, it’ll make it’s way back to you (karma, duh). So when I heard there was a camera out there that could capture the electromagnetic fields that are unique to each person, I was enthralled. Yes—that’s your aura. 

Invented in the ’70s by Guy Coggins, this unique camera picks up on the subtle electrical charges that flow through your body and on the surface of the skin. After quantifying the charge, it matches them to a color on the visible light spectrum, and your aura is materialized on a Polaroid photo.

The technology is rare (it’s believed that there are less that 100 cameras in the world) and that’s why cosmic do-gooder Christina Lonsdale has taken hers on the road. Originally based in Oregon, this roving photo project named Radiant Human has snapped the auras of Diane von Furstenberg, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Alexander Wang, to name a few.

For a sold-out two days Christina and her camera were parked in the back room of The Gypsy Wagon, snapping hordes of excited Dallasites, ourselves included.

Inside the yurt-like structure, a single chair and camera were waiting for me. After a few seconds of chatting with Christina (real talk: we discussed Bratz Dolls) she made a prediction: “You’re totally going to be purple.”

Then she walked me through the process: I placed my hands on two silver-coated plates that would read the electricity in my body while the long exposure camera would take my photo for 10 seconds.

After rearranging my hair (bless you) and adjusting the focus, Christina pressed the shutter release. As I stared into the camera, a series of rainbow lights flashed behind the lens.

The 10 seconds were up, and we stepped outside to reveal my photo. Not to sound conceited, but the results were beautiful. A cloud of purple, red, and orange haloed my dramatically lit face—my new profile photo for sure.

And while the image was impressive, it was was Christina’s interpretation that made it really special. Based on the seven chakra colors, my aura highlighted the things I’d hope to be true about myself: Creative, unconventional, confident, and passionate. I’ll take it.

While my time with Christina and the Radiant Human machine was brief, it was an incredibly positive experience. I couldn’t help but show off my new portrait and brag a bit to my friends—after all, my aura did say I like to show off.

The Details: The Radiant Human crew is always on the move! Find out more about the technology and when they’ll be back in Dallas here.