May 3, 2019


The city’s coolest new jewelry collection—and the boy wonder behind it

Post-consumer, substantial, wearable… not typically words that come to mind when you think of fine jewelry. But then again, Felipe Tascon jewelry is far from typical. The collection is the newest addition to Traffic LA’s lineup and it may also be its most unique.

The Dallas-based designer works primarily with recycled silver—melting it down and manipulating it into rings, necklaces, and bracelets. It’s an organic process, resulting in one-of-a-kind, unisex pieces that read a little bit gothic and very, very cool.

Tascon fashions each piece by hand from the comfort of his home—more specifically, his bedroom—and the shared studio space at Booker T. Washington, where he attends high school. You see, Tascon is only 16. And though he clearly has talent beyond his years, he’s just getting started. We caught up with the burgeoning designer—in between classes, of course—to hear about his process and how he got his start.

How did you get into making jewelry?
It was through necessity. I had gotten interested in the world of fashion and luxury, but couldn’t afford most of the items—especially the jewelry that designers put out.

Where do you find creative inspiration?
Recently, I’ve been inspired by the decomposition of organic matter. I like replicating natural decay with the heat of my torch. Watching rings melt until they’re barely a ring anymore… That’s my favorite thing.

Can you tell us about your process?
It’s really diverse. Most everything in my collection is made from recycled silver. I melt down old jewelry and forge the puddles of silver into rings and necklaces. It’s very organic.

Are there certain jewelry designers you admire?
I look up to a few designers in the industry. LA-based Parts of Four puts out consistently beautiful pieces. Another favorite is a small London-based jeweler named Lee Brennan.

You work almost exclusively with silver. Why that metal, in particular?
I work with silver because it’s the perfect medium. You can wear it all day and it’ll develop a beautiful patina and conform to your finger. It’s not so expensive that I have to save every dust particle. Plus, I can recycle old silverware and know that I’m ethically sourcing my materials. —Nicole Jordan

The Details: Felipe Tascon jewelry is available by commission or at Traffic LA, 1606 Main Street. Follow Felipe on Instagram @felipe.tascon.