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September 29, 2017

Sister Act

Meet the stylish siblings behind We The Birds

“Of course, everyone and their sister is a style blogger now,” quips Sarah Knowlton, one half of the creative duo behind We the Birds. But among myriad bloggers and Instagram influencers, Sarah and her sister Natalie Knowlton stand out. Maybe it’s the curated content or elevated aesthetic. Or perhaps it’s the brand’s distinct point of view, re ecting the dynamic personalities behind it. “Overall, we prefer quality over quantity,” says Sarah.

It shows. Launched in 2015 with the simple mission to “put inspiring content out there,” the blog covers everything from food and fashion—emphasis on fashion—to travel and design, complemented with slickly produced lookbooks and a steady stream of Instagram eye candy. (Peruse @We.the.Birds to see for yourself.)

The sisters’ inspiration is their global upbringing. Their father’s career took them all over the wrold, living in Venezuela, Australia, and Singapore—all before college. Forever the new kids, they became best friends, stealing from each other’s closets (a source of much teenage angst) and finishing each other’s sentences.

“I think we moved 17 times,” says Natalie. “At some point, we began referring to ourselves as ‘the birds’ because we were always on the move.” When they landed, nally, in Dallas, inspiration struck and We the Birds was born.

As creative director, Sarah drives the “minimal and clean with a touch of grunge” aesthetic with her years of experience in fashion, graphic design, and photography. Rainbow-hued hair is her calling card; her personal style a mishmash of “the ’90s-meets- Japanese-anime-meets-London street.”

The yin to Sarah’s yang, Natalie is the left-brained operations/ nance director. Contrasting Sarah’s freewheeling fashion sense, her closet is streamlined. “Minimalist-meets-athleisure with a global appeal,” she says. “I really like quality pieces.”

She’s also the brains behind the brand’s burgeoning macaron biz. A “gluten-free foodie,” Natalie began experimenting with macarons after being diagnosed with gluten intolerance. Following much trial and error she perfected her recipe, and at the behest of friends, began offering bespoke batches. From geodes to succulents to fruit salad-inspired variations, the treats are edible works of art. You conceive it; she creates it.

To supply increasing demand, the duo is settling into new East Dallas digs where they’ll have a commercial kitchen and room to grow their team. It’s the most rooted they’ve ever been. But once a bird, always a bird. “The eventual goal is to have the ability to be more transient,” says Natalie. “To take We the Birds and travel with it. We’re committed to evolving, so we can’t really tell you in what things will look like in five years.” —Nicole Jordan

The Details: Shop Sarah and Natalie’s looks at TenOverSix and Traffic LA at The Joule.