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December 12, 2019


Environ’s future-proof skincare has arrived and we are here for it

Skincare is serious business and no one takes it more seriously than The Spa at The Joule. All of the products it carries  are highly curated to represent the best of the best and Environ, the newest line to hit shelves, is no exception. 

Founded in 1990 by world-renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Des Fernandes, Environ bridges the gap between beauty and science by prioritizing good old-fashioned R&D and cutting-edge technology.

Made in a dedicated facility in Cape Town, South Africa, formulas are highly potent and contain peptides, antioxidants, and fresh, active vitamins—most notably vitamin A, Environ’s hero ingredient. Citing aging skin as a direct result of vitamin A deficiency, Dr. Fernandes made the ingredient the cornerstone of the brand and developed a system that allows users to gradually increase exposure without irritating skin.    

The line is safe for all ages and skin types, and in addition to the essentials, features product ranges targeting specific complexion concerns like fine lines and acne.  There’s a science to finding the products that are right for you and estheticians at The Spa are schooled in helping guide you. For an introduction to the brand, consider The Spa’s new Environ facials. Options include the Active Vitamin Facial, which addresses sun damage, pigmentation, and dryness, and the Collagen Boost Facial, which combines Environ products with microneedling. And, now like all facials at The Spa, both conclude with LED therapy to maximize your results. —Nicole Jordan 

The Details: Available at The Spa at The Joule, 1611 Main Street. Explore the menu here