August 30, 2018


Wheelhouse kicks off the season with a BBQ rivalry

The Dallas vs. Carolina rivalry is like all good ones: fierce, long-standing, and highly contested. No, not football. We’re talking barbecue. Personal references on this topic (and the rivalries they spark) are a great conversation starter in Texas. Don’t believe us? Head to Wheelhouse on September 9 for its ultimate BBQ Throwdown. While Dallas kicks off the football season with Carolina on the field, Wheelhouse chefs will be showing off on the smoker with both regions’ barbecues.

In one corner, there’s Carolina style: smoked pork (pulled or chopped) with a vinegar-based sauce. In Southern Carolina, the sauce is often called “Carolina Gold” and made with mustard, vinegar, spices, and brown sugar.

In the other corner: Texas barbecue. Typically brisket, it’s rubbed with salt and pepper, then slow smoked over hickory. Sauce is a touchy topic, as some passionate pit masters deem it unnecessary. But if/when you get it, it’s tomato-based and sweet with a little heat.

You don’t have to pick a favorite, although it’ll be more exciting if you do and boldly defend it. Community Beer Co. will join the party with seasonal beer specials. Come early to snag a spot or make a reservation for a table of eight or more.

The Details: Wheelhouse, 1617 Hi Line Drive. September 9, 11 a.m.–7 p.m. Complimentary valet.