November 23, 2015

Sole Man

Secrets from the man who’s pampered the feet of Sharon Stone, Judge Judy, and Muhammad Ali.

Bryant Arthur is 5’10,” about 224 pounds, a veteran of the Special Operations in the United States Military, and was formerly an officer in a high-security prison. He’ll also be doing your pedicure in The Spa this afternoon.

The path from that high-security prison to the beauty industry wasn’t an easy one for Arthur. He knew pedicures were his calling; after all, a voice had told him one day while he was eating lunch.

“The voice was telling me that I should do feet,” Arthur says with a laugh. “But I had a big problem—I hated touching them!”

Yet he followed the calling and, when it was time to start learning about pedicures, something surprising happened. It wasn’t as bad as he anticipated.

“You wouldn’t expect to see a large man like me doing nails,” he says. “But I have been happily doing this for 16 years.”

Some famous feet Arthur has worked on include Muhammad Ali, Judge Judy, and LeAnn Rimes—who tweeted “If you live in Dallas & want to treat yourself to an incredible pedicure & THE BEST foot massage ever, see Bryant.” He swears that Sharon Stone has the most beautiful feet he’s ever worked on.

And we’ve got to agree with Rimes’ glowing review. Behind each pedicure, or “pamper-cures,” as he likes to call them, is a philosophy.

“A pedicure is like serving a meal,” he says. “You have an appetizer, a main course, and dessert. I like to think that my massages are dessert.”

We’ll take seconds.

Arthur’s quick hits on how to keep that pedicure looking fresh:

1. OPI, Deborah Lippman, and Essie polishes. “I love thick polishes, and these are like a lacquer. If you apply it right, it’ll last.”

2. Hydration. “I know it sounds strange, but if you have callused or cracked feet, put Vick’s Vapor Rub on at night, then slip on some socks—it’ll make a huge difference.”

3. Cuticle Oil. “Dab it on your nail beds daily and it’ll keep your cuticles hydrated and your polish looking fresh.”