February 10, 2019


This month in live music according to our friends at Central Track

There’s nothing better than having friends in the know—and when it comes to the Dallas music scene, you can’t find anyone more plugged in than our friends at Central Track.

Every month, its editor and founder Pete Freedman shares his picks for the city’s can’t-miss live shows. Up this month…

Maceo Plex at It’ll Do

Surely by now, you’ve heard the old joke about up-and-coming musicians and how they all claim to be huge in Europe. Thing is, that’s an adage you could actually apply to the internationally acclaimed house producer known off stage as Eric Estornel.

Born in Miami but living in Dallas since his family moved to North Texas when he was 13, Estornel cut his teeth as an electronic in the Dallas underground in the late ’90s and started to make a name for himself overseas in the early ’00s. After a few successful European tours, he ditched the cliché and started living the actual dream. Now, he’s renowned across the globe—not just for his music but as a house performer at some of the hottest clubs in Ibiza, Spain, where he’s lived since taking the leap in ’09.

Gigs in his hometown of Dallas are a rare treat. Seeing him perform at It’ll Do, easily the best dance spot in Dallas (and a venue that has also earned its share of global shine in recent years) should prove a sweaty delight. It’ll Do’s resident DJ Red Eye will open and set the vibe. Tickets: $25

Duell at Ruins
Five years after bursting onto the Dallas scene with its brash debut LP, Back to Drunk, the room-rattling Fort Worthians of Duell are finally blessing the world with another dropkick to the eardrums. The sonic equivalent of a hippie speedball, Duell has endeared itself to audiences over the last half-decade with a high-energy, poppy, and most of all LOUD brand of stoner metal. The early returns on sophomore LP Futureless, which is being released at this gig, indicate the band’s rightly still rocking in the same toe-tappin’, infectious, and shockingly approachable zone.

Before Duell gets you splashing your cold one around in this charming and rustic new Deep Ellum venue, be sure to check out the stellar all-local opening lineup, which includes the similarly Fort Worth-based divorce pop of Son of Stab; Duell’s Dallas brothers in stoner metal, Mountain of Smoke; and the vibrant post-punk of Dallas’ Sub-Sahara. Tickets: $10 at the door.

Central Track Music Honors at Granada Theater 

Listen, as the guy who founded and edits the site behind this event that people are already calling Dallas’ biggest night of the year (OK, it’s me; I’m “people”) I can’t speak without bias about this event, as I’ve already shown earlier in this very same sentence. Sorry, not sorry. Not one lick. Just allow me a second to talk my talk, yeah? We expect this night to be a goddamn blast. An all-out celebration of Dallas music, our first-ever Central Track Music Honors Bash is the culmination of our month-long, open-voting survey of the Dallas music scene.

Opposed to your typical awards show, the acts earning Top Honors at this event will have to go out to the lobby to accept their trophies. That’s because, inside the historic Granada Theater’s main hall, the night will embrace a #lesstalkmorerock mentality with a cool dozen Music Honors-nominated acts performing across two stages. Yeah, that’s right; we’re adding a second stage just to better smush your faces into hearing the best music that the local scene has to offer.

The acts putting on for their city over the course of the night are Xuan, Meach Pango, Cure For Paranoia, Luna Luna, Kaz Moon, Conner Youngblood, Zyah, Acid Carousel, T.Y.E., Rosegarden Funeral Party, Joshua Ray Walker and SRSQ, and they each demand your attention. Oh, and did I mention that it’s free to get into, so long as space affords it? It is. You can also guarantee your way in with a $5 presale ticket, which will also get you a discount on your first drink at the bar. Tough to imagine a better chance than this for someone to dive head-first into the Dallas scene, wouldn’t you say? That’s our hope, anyway. Come on in, the water’s nice! Tickets: Free/$5

Vandoliers at Granada Theater

The Vandoliers are a band on the brink. At this show, they’ll celebrate the release of their third album, Forever. Notably, this new collection is also the band’s first for Chicago’s Bloodshot Records—yes, the very same label that helped this band’s (also Dallas-based) stylistic forefathers in the Old 97’s become established on the national stage some 20 years ago. There’s plenty reason to believe The Vandoliers can carve a path all its own, too:

Early Forever tastes “Troublemaker” and “Cigarettes In The Rain” find the band flashing pomp and sentiment respectively—duly earning the band nods even from the likes of Rolling Stone. Seems it’s only a matter of time before everyone else catches on. Head to this show and maybe one day you’ll be able to say you saw them when. Get there early enough to be swooned by likeminded fellow local openers Ottoman Turks and Bryce Bangs, too. Tickets: $15 to $24