May 25, 2016

Sous Good

The culinary world’s second in command steal the show for two nights.

Sous chefs (i.e. the understudies for the executive chefs at your favorite five-star restaurants) pull more than just their weight in the kitchen—but, they rarely feel the glow of the spotlight. Lucia sous chef Justin Holt is doing something to change that.

In 2013, Texas-born Holt founded The Texas Sous Chef Dinner, an annual event that highlights the overlooked heroes of some of Texas’ most popular eateries.

“Sous chefs are the underdogs in the kitchen,” Holt says. “I wanted to collaborate with some of my friends who I don’t get to cook with very often and create some amazing dishes, but also to grow a network where we could work together and learn from each other.”

This year’s installment of the dinner will be bigger and better than previous years. Instead of 10 chefs each creating a course for a single dinner, the event has been divided into two evenings of nine-course meals, which means 18 sous chefs in total will be serving up their best dishes. Keeping with tradition, all chefs are Texas-based and, for the second year in a row, the event will be hosted at CBD Provisions, with sous chef Coner Seargeant representing.

“This is easily my favorite culinary-related event all year,” Seargeant says. “We love hosting it at CBD Provisions and The Joule because it emphasizes how much we embrace creativity, talent, and youth. When these rising stars take their first executive role, they will already have a community of chefs and fans.”

Of course, on top of organizing the event, Holt will also step into the kitchen to showcase some of his celebrated culinary skills.

“This dinner is a chance for sous chefs to show off their unique style and technique,” Holt says. “And it’s a great chance for food lovers to dine with the state’s up-and- coming talent. After all, these chefs will be running their own kitchens one day.”

The Details: To reserve your space for the Texas Sous Chefs Dinner on June 12 and 13, call 214.261.4500. A portion of the proceeds will benefit No Kid Hungry.

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