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November 13, 2018


…But also, a very strong lewk

Here’s a question for those of you who flocked to see the likely-to-be-an-Oscar-favorite First Man: Did you happen to think to yourself while watching, “Wow, those NASA astronauts sure do look snazzy in their space gear”?

Lucky for you, Heron Preston happens to think so, too.

Public Figures,” the Fall/Winter 2018 collection designed by Heron Preston blends the coziness of cold-weather staples with the exuberant, hey-look-at-me colors and patterns the designer is known for. It’s equal parts flashy and familiar—recognizable but wholly different in the details, like a good public figure should be. Some favorites of the collection include a “HERON DRAGONS” college-style hoodie ripped straight from the closet of your hip aunt that went to art school and camo sweats that are as ready for the runways as they are the deer perches.

However, the buzz that’s followed Heron Preston recently is more tied to his recent collaboration with NASA. The capsule, celebrating NASA’s 60th anniversary, was inspired by the designer’s reaction to the space trash problem currently plaguing NASA’s Orbital Debris Program. Preston wanted to create a collaboration that not only evoked the spirit of the space program with shine and faux-futurism, but also made consumers aware of the trash problem choking out interstellar exploration. It’s not a surprising move from a man who originally broke ground by designing uniforms for the New York Sanitation Department.

Standouts from the capsule include “NASA” logo-embroidered belts, hats, and sweatsuits that are perfect for #cozyseason—all in the space program’s iconic and patriotic colorway. Come grab your galactic garb and remember to help keep our planet, ozone or otherwise, clean and debris-free.

Also, go see First Man. Seriously. — Dylan Kennemur 

The Details: Available at Traffic LA Men’s, 1608 Main Street.