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January 31, 2018


The power mix for your next ride

If you haven’t done a VITAL ride with Samantha Seaman, it’s time to book one—stat. (VITAL Fitness Studio is offering free first classes right now, so no excuses!) She’s high-energy, encouraging, and so gracious, you won’t mind the punishing workout. “My goal for each cycling class is to transform the space into my personal nightclub,” she says—an aspiration no doubt shaped by her time in L.A. “Living there, I picked up a nasty love affair for all things EDM. And the fact that Vegas was only a three-hour drive away only intensified my obsession.”

VITAL manager Caitlin Costa fosters originality, encouraging instructors to be as creative as they can when planning classes. “Here, I found the perfect arena to merge the club and fitness. I can keep things fresh and funky. And the best part, there’s no hangover after the ride.” Check out her latest mix and join her in the club on Mondays and Wednesdays at 6 p.m.

The Details: VITAL Fitness Studio, 1608 Main Street. Click here to book a class.