October 18, 2016

Spin Queen

Meet one of the city’s music influencers.

In the mid-80s when acts like Run D.M.C. and Public Enemy ruled the airwaves, Salt N Pepa emerged onto the scene and provided a much-needed female perspective. The threesome busted down the door to the hip-hop boys’ club without apology, proving not only that women could keep up with the game, but also that they belonged there.

Nearly three decades later, a new generation of female musical influencers is making its mark. 􏰖It includes Salt 􏰌 􏰑N Pepa member Deidra “Spinderella” Roper’s daughter, Christy Anderson.

“It’s so crazy, because my mom has been a pioneer for female empowerment—but also this woman who was nagging me about my room the other day,” Anderson, who goes by DJ Christy Ray, says with a laugh. “Music was such a big part of my childhood, so following in her footsteps was bound to happen.”

􏰛Los 􏰊Angeles-􏰙raised 􏰘ay first 􏰂became curious at age 􏰜􏰜 after seeing her mom hauling heavy equipment to and from gigs.

“She sat with me and was showing me what a turntable was and how to use it,” Ray says. “but I was a kid, so I lost touch with it until I was in college and started mixing beats at parties again.”

Now, both Ray and her mother call Dallas home, and can be spotted DJ-ing together at some of Ray’s regular residencies.

Whether she’s spinning at Deep Ellum’s Off the Record, Henderson Avenue’s Beauty Bar, or at home while hosting friends, there’s a bit of a formula behind what she’ll be playing.

“I always have two turntables set up at home because I love to practice,” Ray says. “My style could be described as ‘house party vibe,’ which means a lot of classics. I like to surprise people by playing that one song from the ’90s that everybody forgot about. You always get a great reaction when people realize what they’re listening to.”

The Details: Catch DJ Christy Ray every Saturday at Off the Record from 6 to 10 p.m. and at Beauty Bar the third Wednesday of every month.