November 29, 2016

Spin This

DJ Christy Ray curates a house party playlist.

It’s the holidays, which means you’ll probably be hosting a house party at some point. Picking the music is a big deal—it’ll set the mood, and if you throw on some thing lame, it could be a total buzzkill. Lucky for you, DJ Christy Ray is here to help. Jam her picks below.

Get the Party Started Song

End of the niGht by Phony Ppl (Louis Futon Remix). The original song is an absolute jam in its own right and Louis Futon’s touch is just the icing on the cake. There’s no way you’re not ready to dance the whole night away after hearing this.

Throwback Song

What’s Luv? by Fat Joe and Ashanti. This song kind of embodies the “throwback” era for me. Doesn’t matter what party I’m playing, I throw this on and everyone will start immediately rocking.  A  hall of fame throwback song, if you will.

Most Surprising Song

I have a few George Strait songs on deck that I’m just waiting to drop at the right party. I’m a huge country music lover. Old, new, pop, etc. I’m with it. Christy Ray will DJ a country tailgate one of these days. Ha!

Best Cocktail Song

Future (pt. 1) by Bipolar Sunshine and GoldLink. This song is great when you’re looking for that perfect medium between wanting to lounge and wanting to turn up. Bipolar Sunshine’s smooth vocals mixed with GoldLink’s fierce rhymes is kind of perfect for the classiest of turn ups.

Wind Down Song

LFT by Quadron. One of the smoothest songs in my playlist. Even though the pace is a little slower, you can still rock and vibe to it a little bit. Coco O’s voice is so damn soothing!

Sing Along Song

7/11 by Beyonce. There is no way I can stop myself from singing along with the Queen herself as soon as the beat drops, and I’m sure others will agree.

Favorite Up-and-Coming Artist

Luh You by Anderson Paak. Not sure if Anderson Paak can still even qualify as “up and coming” because his buzz is so outta control lately, but this song is a total gem.

Every playlist is Incomplete Without

Some form of Drake. Whether you like him or not, he’s the biggest rapper out right now. Doesn’t matter what venue or what kind of party I’m spinning at—Drake will almost always be requested in some fashion.