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February 29, 2016

Spring Fashion Forecast: Party in Prints

Designer Ellen Van Dusen gives you tips on how to mix ’em.

With Art Fair just around the corner, we’ve been searching for the perfect outfit(s) to wear to the plethora of shows, concerts, parties, and more that’s happening that week. Yes, we know we’re shopping early—but that’s because these ensembles need to be the perfect mix of fashionable and functional—and obviously, cool.

Cue Ellen Van Dusen’s quirky line Dusen Dusen, which features amazing silhouettes made with art-inspired fabrics. Exactly what we’re looking for.

The Brooklyn-based designer loves color and prints—and isn’t afraid to mix them all together. We chatted with her about the aforementioned styles, and how to add it all up without looking like your crazy spinster aunt (although that’s not necessarily a bad thing).

Next up: Stop by TenOverSix to shop Dusen Dusen’s women’s line, plus their equally quirky home wares, on Saturday, March 5, from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.


1530 Main: Dusen Dusen has a lot of unusual silhouettes. Which is your favorite and why?
Ellen Van Dusen: I think it’s really important to feel comfortable in what you’re wearing, so my favorite pieces tend to be oversized and in soft, drape-y fabrics. My favorite is a style named “the oversized tee dress.” I’ve kept in the collection for a couple years—it’s a button front dress with pockets—and I keep one for myself every season.

1530: Where do you find inspiration for the patterns of your designs?
EVD: I find inspiration in a lot of different places, but one thing I constantly look to is contemporary art. I visit a lot of museums and galleries, which helps me focus on the kinds of things I’m attracted to at the moment, be it quality of line, an idea, a color story or shape. But really it can be anything—a good looking milkshake, shapes on the sidewalk, games, something I scroll past on the internet, my dog…

1530: My favorite clothing piece for spring is…
EVD: A spaghetti strap jumpsuit from my new collection!

1530: What’s the secret behind mixing different prints and not looking crazy?
EVD: I think that if you can match one color between prints it can look very cohesive and nice. I also think you can work with scale—a big print and a small print can go together really well too. But really it’s about confidence, if you feel good in it you’ll look good in it!

1530: What’s your top fashion rule when it comes to wearing prints?
EVD: The more the merrier!