July 17, 2019


Sassetta devotes a full week to our favorite summer drink

It’s been a big summer for the Aperol spritz. In May, New York Times writer Rebekah Peppler fired shots saying: “The Aperol spritz is not a good drink… [it] drinks like a Capri Sun after soccer practice on a hot day. Not in a good way.”

On Twitter, early responses ranged from “This is offensive” to “This is the worst opinion of 2019.” That was just the start of a fiercely waged internet debate which, as it seems, the NYT lost. (According to Yelp, mentions of Aperol spritzes in customer reviews are up 94% since last year.) Still trending.

But in the ensuing commotion and rush to defend the Aperol spritz (which, for the record, we support), the writer’s original intentions were lost. Peppler and the NYT maligned Aperol spritzes out of a LOVE for spritzes. Peppler was arguing that people can do a whole lot better than the overly sweet, watered down, junk prosecco swill that often masquerades as Aperol spritzes. And, to her point, there are so many other types of spritzes—made with high-quality bitters, more nuanced flavors, and bright bubbly—that don’t get the attention they deserve.

What other kind of spritzes you ask? Well, a spritz can be loosely defined as anything with a 3:2:1 formula (three parts bubbly, two parts bitter, one part soda). To explore some of the more inventive iterations, Sassetta is hosting Spritz Week through Sunday, July 28. Its menu—available for just one week—will feature five unique spritzes, ranging from citrusy-sweet to smoky-spicy. We’ll be trying them all this week (tough job) so follow us here for the live recap. Which brings us to one of the best parts about spritzes: their relatively low alcohol content allows you to spend a leisurely day/night sampling a few without the headache. Here’s a preview of the menu; drink responsibly, friends…

The Details: Sassetta, 1617 Hi Line Drive. Complimentary valet. Spritz Week runs through Sunday, July 28; all spritzes are $12 each. Click here to make a reservation.