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April 28, 2016

Staff Picks: TASCHEN Library

Book it to pick up these beauties.

“‘Issey Miyaki’ is a stunning new retrospective of the designer’s work. The beautiful minimalistic layout feels so in tune with the designer’s aesthetic, and is a tribute to his Japanese heritage. Created and conceived by Midori Kitamura, this tome is more than 500 pages and presented in English and Japanese. It cannot be missed by those interested in Japanese fashion.” – Erin Johnson, Manager

“My pick is ‘Genesis’ by Sebastiáo Salgado. His beautiful black and white photography speaks for itself, but it’s the subject he covers in this book that sticks with me. Salgado spent eight years traveling to and photographing geographical regions of the earth untouched by modern civilization. I am captivated by seeing our home planet in its purest form. It’s mesmerizing.” – Monique Roberts, Sales Associate

“My latest Taschen favorite is “Sharks” by celebrity photographer Michael Muller.  It depicts one of the ocean’s most majestic creatures in a beautiful light, opposed to their typical portrayal as savages. The photographs are also accompanied by essays from environmentalists and marine biologists that discuss the significance of shark conservation for the future of the oceanic kingdom.  This killer shark tribute is not only beautiful, but it also makes for a great seasonal update to your coffee table for these upcoming warmer months.” – Daniel Casey, Sales Associate

“When I open the Library in the morning, I absolutely love choosing whom from the SUMO-sized Annie Leibowitz collection will greet our guests that day. The book itself is an artistic installation: a centerpiece in our Joule library, propped-up on the Marc Nelson-designed tripod, whereon each page is a separate, stylized work of art worthy of its own showcase.    The portraits are familiar; they are the actors, dancers, comedians, musicians, artists, writers, performers, journalists, athletes, business people, icons, whom we have seen in Rolling Stone magazine, Vanity Fair, and Vogue over the last 40 years.  Yet, in this scale, Annie reintroduces us to each of her over 250 subjects in an intimate, and unarguably vulnerable fashion, which highlights not just their beauty or power or celebrity, but also their humanity.” – Dylan Malagrino, Sales Associate