August 20, 2017

Summer Mix

Our melt-your-ice-cream playlist

It’s not over yet. There’s still more than a month of summer left. (September 22 is the first official day of fall.) We rounded up a few 1530 Main friends and family and asked them: what’s your favorite summer song? (Not a one mentioned “Despacito.”) Consider it your soundtrack to enjoying the end of Summer. Every. Last. Drop. Of. It.

Feel it Still – Portugal. The Man
“Such a ’60’s feel and catchy beat you can’t not dance to. It has a different sound than summer top 40, but it’ll get stuck in your head—in a good way.” —Caitlin Costa, Vital Fitness Studio

Don’t F— With My Money – Penguin Prison
“Best with sunglasses on and a stack of hundreds to count nearby.” —Kyle Branch, TenOverSix

Backpack – Petite Meller 
“Truthfully, it’s been my song of summer  two years running. It’s breezy, she compares love to a slip and slide, AND it has some sexy sax. What more could you ask for?” —Lauren Smart, 1530 Main 

Dancing On My Own – Robyn
“Power anthem. Dance jam. If summer love came with a little a heartbreak, this is the remedy to set you right.” —Michelle Padgett, 1530 Main

Andromeda (feat. DRAM) – Gorillaz
“Reminds me of days gone by and feels like a song for grown-ups. Also, my 11-year-old wannabe raver just discovered electronica so it’s all Gorillaz and Daft Punk, all the time!” —Kendall Morgan, 1530 Main

Once in a Lifetime – Talking Heads
“My favorite song right now is actually an oldie. But it’s so good, you can’t judge.” —Laura Naylor, Forty Five Ten 

Hot2Touch – Felix Jaehn
“A perfect song for the lake, pool, or summer party.” —Travis Christian, Forty Five Ten

Swish, Swish feat. Nicki Minaj – Katy Perry
“Love it. She brought back the 90s vibe.”—Patrick Ware, Traffic LA at The Joule 

Egyptian Reggae –Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers
“I heard this for the first time on the Baby Driver soundtrack and now I can’t stop listening to it.” —Sarah Green, Commissary 

Stop You – Ryan Adams
“This is the sound of afternoon naps in the A/C after a day drinking in the oppressive heat. And it  easily doubles as the backdrop to a sultry twilight drink on the porch. The first notes always bring a smile to my wife’s face.” —Justin Fields, The Joule   

Depak Ine – John Talabat
“Reminiscent of chill, summer nights.” —Belinda Barbosa, TenOverSix  

A Violent Noise – The xx (Four Set Remix)
“Anyone who knows me, knows that Jamie XX is one of my favorite producers. I heard this version live when they played in Dallas this summer. It sounds best turned up driving in the sun.” —Amanda Lund, TenOverSix 

Summertime Clothes – Animal Collective
“Carefree and laid-back, this epitomizes the relaxed and easy nature of the summer season.” —Andrew Bottomley, The Joule Concierge 

Little Fluffy Clouds (7″ Edit) – The Orb
“It’s actually a techno track from 1991 that I loved in high school. Spotify has this great feature called Discover Weekly, which gives recommendations based on your history.  This track popped up on mine and I got such a rush of nostalgia. It starts with spoken word vocals: a woman describing the skies in Arizona and you can just see them when she does. Good for driving with the windows down.” —Erin Johnson, Taschen Library at The Joule