December 28, 2015

Sweat It In the New Year

One too many eggnogs? Never fear, John Terlingo has your back(side).

There’s a good chance that come January you’ll be vowing to actually spend time working on your fitness instead of binge watching “Game
of Thrones” with that third glass of wine. Need a little motivation before feeling inspired to put down the Pinot? How about signing up a session at Terlingo Cycle, where former actor and model John Terlingo will help you feel the burn.

After 10 years of teaching at a fitness studio in
Los Angeles where he helped sculpt a cadre of already-fit bods into red-carpet shape, Terlingo returned to Dallas in 2011 and noticed that the spin scene was seriously lacking. Two years later, he launched his eponymous studio to much fanfare.

For those who aren’t yet obsessed with the classes at Terlingo Cycle, it can be a bit intimidating. Participants spend the majority of each 45-minute sweat session standing and pedaling on a stationary bike while simultaneously performing cued movements akin to push-ups, squats, and sprints. Your first time will seem like extreme torture, but trust us, burning 550 calories per class is no joke—and it’s also pretty addicting.

While a total-body workout is exactly what you need to burn off those extra holiday pounds, what’s won Terlingo legions of dedicated fans is his dual commitment to working both body and soul. He concludes each class with a meditation period, where he waxes poetic on whichever subject has been weighing on his heart. One day it’s about finding happiness in imperfection, the next about living each moment to the fullest.

A class at Terlingo Cycle will definitely change your body. And if you’re open to the idea, it might also change your mind.

The Details: Terlingo Cycle, 3105 Reagan Street, 214.520.7433