March 7, 2016

Take a Trip to 1976

This isn’t your average gift shop.

We’re about to make a bold statement here—everything inside Oak Cliff’s We Are 1976 is cute. Japanese candy, Wes Anderson-inspired prints, handmade succulent holders… We want it all.

The shop started out as a humble design-minded gift shop in East Dallas, and has evolved into so much more. While the original location is now shuttered, the Bishop Arts shop multi-tasks as a gallery space, graphic design and letterpress studio (with classes!), purveyor of amazing Asian imports, and more.

If you plan on stopping by, don’t be in a rush—you’ll want to wander about the front half of the shop, checking out the quirky cards that state everything from an incredibly sweet “Happy Birthday” to a sassy “You’re not that special,” prints that are made both in-house and by local artists, a washi tape/sticker selection that’s pretty much to die for, and a selection of jewelry made by small businesses.

In the back, weekly classes teach everything from screen print and letterpress to bundling your own sage sticks and how to actually keep your succulents alive in a terrarium.

We Are 1976 isn’t just a place to purchase things—the family-owned business is fostering creativity in the Dallas community. And we feel stimulated every time we walk in, but maybe that’s just the sugar from all that candy we ate.

The Details: We Are 1976 is located at 313 North Bishop Avenue. Check out their website here.