October 18, 2016

Taschen Staff Picks

Your October reading list.

“‘This is a comic book about Architectural Evolution’ – So begins ‘Yes is More,’ by BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group). It’s is a delightful comic that tells the tale of how buildings came to be. It is broken down by project, with each chapter telling the story of how a building came to fruition through trial, error, and client needs. I honestly fell asleep last time I tried to read a book on architectural theory because it’s not a huge area of interest for me, so the fact that this book held my attention is no small feat! I love the way it makes the stories of these buildings come to life, even for those of us with only a passing interest in the subject—that’s the mark of a true masterpiece.” –Erin Johnson, Store Manager

“The latest TASCHEN addition to my personal collection is Joan Blaeu’s ‘Atlas Maior.’  It is a historical beauty that any book collector needs in their collection. Before Siri and GPS were invented, this was once how the adventurers of the world navigated. This collection of luxurious baroque maps was the most expensive book during the time it was completed in 1665. And now, TASCHEN’s reprint made it accessible to the masses! The slipcase it comes in also transforms into a display stand, so it’s easy to show off and doubles as great interior décor.” –Daniel Casey, sales associate

“With the dog days of summer almost finished,  I was drawn to rereading a fast favorite of mine, ‘Surfing: The Sport of Kings‘ by Jim Heimann.  I grew up in a little beach community in Rhode Island called Misquamicut, where us kids learned how to surf long before we could drive a car, and I moved to Dallas two years ago from southern California, where I had been living coastal for about 15 years, and where surfing and surf culture is so embedded in the region’s history that it still influences our everyday activities. This beautiful tome on surfing reminds me so much of home, and makes me smile thinking back fondly of my surfing days. It is the most comprehensive visual history of surfing to date, bringing together more than 900 images charting the evolution of surfing as a sport, a lifestyle, and a philosophy. This book is a must-have for any lifelong surfing enthusiast, for any serious player on the surfing scene wanting to have the be-all authority on the sport both on- and off-the-water, and for anybody who aspires to the surfing lifestyle, even if landlocked in Big D.” –Dylan Malagrino, sales associate

“Traveling is one of my favorite things to do, and I also love photography. The two come together this beautiful, expansive three volume tome, titled ‘National Geographic: Around The World in 125 Years.’ Inside the pages are some of the most stunning photographs featured in ‘National Geographic’ magazine since its inception in 1888. I’ve always adored the magazine for its ability to capture and inspire curiosity about the planet we inhabit, and I am an avid fan of their Instagram account—but there is something about the tactile feel of turning page after page of captivating photos that transports you to a different place without having to leave your living room.” –Monique Roberts, sales associate