August 17, 2015

Take It Off

Behind the scenes (and shirt) of Josh Arseneau.

For those of you who missed it—we shot Elm Street Tattoo artist Josh Arseneau in the buff for our August/September issue (don’t worry, you can still pick up a copy at The Joule Hotel).

Yes, there are a few blank spots left on his body—and besides the obvious, we’re going to leave one or two of those up to you imagination.

Below are some behind-the-scenes snaps that didn’t make the story, but were clearly too good to not share.

“My knuckle tattoos say “hold fast,” which is a traditional tattoo for sailors to get. Basically it’s a reminder to hold on tight so you don’t fall off the ship.”
“It took [my mother] months to come up with something, and she decided all she wanted was an empty spot,” Arseneau says. “So on my side I have a blank space in the shape of a heart outlined with ‘This spot will remain blank because I love my mother.’”
“The X-Men cover tattoo was a spontaneous decision, a huge one. It’s an actual cover, I have the comic book at home.”