October 26, 2015

Learn About Your Future on Halloween

Tea at Taschen will have a very special guest—tea leaf reader Laura West.

Laura West will be reading tea leaves at a spooky edition of Tea at Taschen at The Joule Hotel on Saturday, October 31. To learn more, or book your appointment, email tea@thejouledallas.com. 

Sitting down for a reading with Laura West is like hanging out with your favorite quirky aunt. You love her, but you’re never quite sure what’s going to come out of her mouth. It could be some sage advice about your current relationship… or maybe she’s sensing a big change in your future? Only the tea leaves will tell.

Laura has been reading leaves for more than 20 years. For her, the fun is in interpreting the symbols—how’s a bird, top hat, or candle significant to your life? She’ll be able to tell you. A tea leaf reading is different than a palm reading. On the palm, the reader can tell you about your personality—who you are and what your strengths are. In a tea cup, it’s all about looking into the future (roughly three months ahead).

Here’s how our editor’s next three months look:

  • On the bottom of the cup, Laura spotted a house with a flag planted next to it. This means I’ll be making my mark at work soon after completing a big accomplishment. (Sounds good to me!)
  • When it comes to my love life, Laura saw a top hat with a feather, a candle, and a mushroom. The top hat and feather means there’s a flirtation in my life, and the mushroom means it’ll soon be expanding to something more.
  • Occasionally, there’s a symbol that Laura sees but isn’t sure how to interpret. In my cup, that was a fully-formed penguin. What’s it mean? We’re not sure yet, but she said around November-December, it’ll suddenly become clear to me.
  • Finally, She spotted a “j” in my cup, not dissimilar to the logo for the Joule Hotel. (I saw it too.) Next to it, two fairies that watched over the area in which the j was located. Looks like I’ve got some guardian angels at the hotel!