September 25, 2018


*And by “it” we mean: Amsterdam, Architecture, Art, Beauty Books, Cats…

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If you’re a die-hard fan of print, you’ve got a friend in Kristen Cole, President and Chief Creative Officer of Forty Five Ten and Tenoversix. Between buying appointments in Paris, planning next year’s Forty Five Ten opening in New York, and managing creative for both brands, she has a lot on her radar. That said, Cole has given her personal attention to a surprising project: the printed matter section at Tenoversix. 

Recently given a major overhaul, it’s stocked with 50+ international titles—all hand-selected by Cole— ranging from Under the Influence, an esoteric examination of contemporary culture, to Puss Puss, the luxury lifestyle biannual geared toward cat lovers. Here, Cole shares why the newsstand is something she’s passionate about. 

When did you decide to expand the print selection at Tenoversix?
It struck me on a buying trip to Paris: I’m always lugging publications home—why? I should be stocking these great titles! When I lived in New York and L.A. these magazines were largely easy to access at good newsstands. But since moving to Austin, it’s been a challenge to find the ones I love. I realized there was a similar hole in Dallas for curated content and wanted to fill that—pronto. So far, it’s going very well. 

Why do you think this collection is particularly relevant in Dallas?
I love the idea of introducing a young person, or any person really, to an area of discipline or subculture they didn’t know existed. If it’s something they’re interested in, they can dig deeper and really get immersed. It’s a service for education, inspiration, and belonging. 

How do you decide which titles to stock?
I basically choose my favorite magazines—the ones that inspire me on a regular basis. Then, I dig into a few categories to fill around that. 

What are your personal favorites?
The Paris Review and Purple Fashion. 

Is there a publication that surprises people?
Broccoli, the magazine for cannabis-lovin’ design aesthetes. It’s really great. 

What’s the hardest to track down?
The free zines. RESIST! is my current favorite, but it goes fast! 

People repeat that print is dead. Clearly, not so much.
Print is not dead! And neither is retail. There are people who’ll always appreciate the tactile quality and community aspect print brings to culture. The pendulum always swings back. 

The Details: Tenoversix at Forty Five Ten, 1615 Main Street.