August 29, 2016

The Candy Man

A Dallas artist gives function a jolt of fun and whimsy.

Jojo Chuang isn’t afraid of color. Whether it’s in his graphic designs, illustrations, or furniture projects, the multi-talented artist’s creations exude an energy and quirk not typically found in high-end pieces.

“When I first started designing furniture, I tried to avoid incorporating graphic elements or color into my work,” Chuang says. “Then I realized it was a part of me—it was something that came naturally.”

His love for color comes from his childhood in Taiwan, where bold colors, neon lights, and dramatic reenactments were the focal points of cultural celebrations and festivals. Chuang originally went to school for graphic design, but wanted his projects to expand beyond the scope of 2-dimension.

After realizing his obsession with the tactile, he received a Master of Fine Arts from Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan.

It was there that he finally embraced his technicolor roots,
and two years later, he’s taken it to the extreme. His body of work seamlessly mixes typical materials like wood and plastic veneer with some not so expected ones dyed to vibrant shades of the rainbow.

“When you walk into a store like Home Depot, you see all these crazy materials used to build a home that you wouldn’t even know are in there,” Chuang says. “I wanted to give a different value to those materials. Instead of hiding them, I manipulate the materials to make them playful and beautiful.”

A perfect example is Chuang’s “Hard Candy” stools, which emulate sweets by incorporating foaming agents for upholstery.

“These are meant to be a treat for your home,” Chuang says. “They’ll be the focal point of a room and add a lot of joy and warmth to a modern space.”

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