March 17, 2016

The Danish Beauty Invasion

Kjaer Weis Beauty is good for both your body and the environment.

There’s a nasty rumor going around about natural makeup. You’ve heard the gossip—that is doesn’t work as well as the chemical-laden counterparts when it comes to producing a flawless look.

But Kirsten Kjaer Weis is determined to fight that rumor. The Danish-born veteran makeup artist founded her eponymous line eight years ago, which is certified organic. Even better: all of her packaging is refillable, so you’re not only doing something good for your body, but also your environment.

Weis was in town for an event at Forty Five Ten, where we simultaneously had our makeup done while chatting all about clean beauty. And she brought up a good point—you’re putting clean food into your body, so why not also on your skin?


1530 Main: What’s the beauty philosophy behind your line?
Kirsten Kjaer Weis: The philosophy has always been less is more. With the ingredients in my line, you allow the skin to breathe without a layer of synthetics sitting on top. Providing women with an all-natural, non-harmful alternative has always been the goal.

1530 Main: Will you tell me a little bit about the packaging?
KW: The initial idea behind the packaging was to have something sustainable, yet luxurious. I felt that those two never went hand-in-hand and I wanted to change that. Design has always had a big influence in my life and I wanted to translate something really unique into the packaging. I have always been a huge fan of Marc Atlan’s designs and he was able to create both luxurious and sustainable by incorporating a refill system. I feel like we’ve been able to have a final design that speaks to both sustainability and luxury.

1530: Why did you want to create all-natural and organic products?
KW: I worked as a makeup artist for more than 20 years and I was always having someone in my chair pinpointing the conventional brands that I had my kit at the time and the reactions that came with them. Seeing what the short-term effects were had me wondering about the long-term effects of applying synthetics on your skin daily. I wanted to prove that it is possible to create something that is all natural that has the same, or even better performance than their conventional counterparts.

1530: What’s your favorite beauty trends for spring?
KW: A super light, fresh finish for the skin with pastel colors on the cheeks and eyes. This spring we are launching two new pretty pastel shades for both cheeks and eyes that I am very excited about!

1530: If a woman can only do one thing before leaving the house, what would you suggest?
KW: Apply a minimal amount of foundation to even out the skin tone. The smallest amount will immediately give a more polished look. If I can add in one more thing, it would be to always curl your eyelashes. It makes such a huge difference.

1530: What do you think of Dallas women and their beauty habits?
KW: They look beautiful! They are all very polished and you can tell that they take great care of themselves. I had a great day meeting the ones that came to the Forty Five Ten event and I can’t wait to come back.

1530: What’s next for the line?
KW: We are very excited to launch our first bullet lipstick. It launches in June and will come in five colors. It will be refillable as well. For fall we have some new additions in the pipeline, including our first skincare product, a facial oil.

The Details: The Kjaer Weis line is available at Forty Five Ten (4510 McKinney Avenue) and was featured in our Eco-Chic beauty story here