December 11, 2017

The Eyes Have It

Spotted! One must-have for Main Street

The Eye. It’s downtown’s most recognizable feature, rising thirty feet into the downtown sky. Tony Tasset’s sculpture has inspired some pretty striking Instagram posts and now it seems it’s influence is working its way across the lawn into the world of fashion at Forty Five Ten. Meet the French accessories label Céleste Mogador and the self-taught artist at its helm, Pascale Bernetiere-Nivet.

Women's Fashion Director, Taylor Tomasi Hill
Forty Five Ten Women’s Fashion Director, Taylor Tomasi Hill

The collection takes its name from a 19th-century Parisian courtesan, can-can dancer, author and cultural icon (some credit her with inspiring Bizet’s Carmen). Each pin is embroidered by hand using silk thread, freshwater pearls, and gold-plated, glass, or coral beads. In Nivet’s words, “Je t’ai à l’oeil.” Translation: I’m watching you. And so is The Eye outside the window, so maybe buy a few just to be safe.

The Details: Forty Five Ten, 1615 Main Street.