June 2, 2017

The Finale: 15//30 Challenge

Our editor recaps the month-long challenge and looks at what’s next

So I stretched, biked, and brunched my way to the finish line of the 15//30 Challenge. And what did I gain beyond the limited-edition tank and the realization I’m more out of shape than I thought? Here are my three big takeaways.

Post-class performance recap
Post-class performance recap

I’m only semi-joking about the discovery of my low fitness aptitude. That, my friends, was already apparent. But, what I did realize was the progress I’d made with each of the classes this month—and I know that’s not  just my perception. One of my favorite things about the ride classes is that you get an email afterward recapping your progress: calories burned, distance, overall energy, etc.

I’d heard great things about the VITAL team from friends who were already members: “Bobby’s yoga regimen changed my body.” “Michele is small, but don’t let her fool you. Her classes are punishing.” My high expectations were met, but what surprised me was how lovely the studio’s members are. They chat after classes, coordinate schedules, and encourage each other. And most of them were strangers before VITAL.

Week in and week out at VITAL is smooth. I book classes through my app, valet at The Joule to skip parking, hit the nice showers before work, and finish with a bottled juice at Weekend Coffee. Good, right? But what makes things more interesting and breaks up the grind are the intermittent events. In May it was a Saturday Bike + Brunch, a V3 class at The Eye as part of Dallas Fitness Week, and a 15//30 finale party with a cake-cutting and champagne toasts.

Coming up in June, two more events to look forward to: 6/17 Bike + Brunch (45-minute performance ride followed by brunch at Americano) and 6/21 Glow with the Flow, a special night yoga class at The Eye. As part of the International Day of Yoga, the class will light up downtown with glow sticks and luminescent body paint. Book here in advance. Challenge or not, I’ll see you there. —Michelle Padgett