November 24, 2015

The HOSPY Awards… Guess who won?

Hint: Us.

On a beautiful evening last week, members of The Joule Hotel’s staff attended the HOSPY Awards at the Omni Hotel, presented by the Hoteliers from Across North Texas. A few hours later, the hotel had two new awards to brag on—Best Luxury Hotel (for the second year running!) and Best General Manager. It’s something we’re pretty excited about.

So you might be thinking to yourself: are you really boasting on how great your hotel is? Aren’t you a little biased?

Well, yes, I am. I’m writing to you from the gorgeous, art-adorned lobby of The Joule, and I’m going to not-so-humble brag on the team that makes this space as great as it is. From Chef Concierge and Les Clefs d’Or member Andrew Bottomley working the front desk to Liza Diaz, head of housekeeping, who ensures the public and private spaces are looking pristine, the 410 employees at The Joule are beyond dedicated to making every interaction here the best it can be.

And that starts at the top with our fearless leader, general manager Justin Fields. We know of at least 5 reasons why he probably won the award of Best General Manager:

  1. He’s been sporting this year’s hottest hairdo, the man bun, before it was cool. He’s so above trends right now that sometimes he even has two.
  2. He picks winners. His NFL team, the Atlanta Falcons, beat the Cowboys this year. But then again, who hasn’t?
  3. He likes to empower his employees to their full potential. Especially when they’re making lists about how great he is.
  4. Before his life as a general manager, Justin was the executive chef of many a restaurant, including the Fleur by Hubert Keller in Las Vegas and The Ritz-Carlton of Denver.
  5. He has a great laugh that he uses generously—even when that joke you’re telling isn’t even a little bit funny. (Impossible!)

So what we’re trying to say here is that we’re excited and honored to have won these HOSPY awards. We’re working hard to make this space the best it can be in Downtown, and we hope you enjoy it.