June 18, 2018


Weekend Coffee celebrates half a decade with a special birthday drink

Most of the time, Weekend Coffee takes espresso pretty seriously. But for their fifth birthday, the baristas are breaking out the sprinkles. This week only, their adding a Birthday Coldtado to the menu. It’s a play off an Undertow (also know as a John Wayne or a Breakfast Shot) which typically includes a layer of espresso atop an ounce or two of cold cream or milk. The layered effect gives you a nice balance of espresso and cream whether you sip it or shoot it. Weekend’s recipe starts with chilled cereal milk (made in house with cornflakes and brown sugar), espresso, and a rainbow sprinkle rim. 

In case you missed that: Cereal milk. Espresso. Sprinkles. If you’re not lining up this week, we’re not sure we can stay friends.

So come through, wish that beautiful coffee cup neon sign a happy birthday, and cheers with a Birthday Coldtado. Insider’s tip: Weekend’s actual birthday falls on Tuesday. Come by early that morning for a special surprise. 

The Details: Weekend Coffee, 1530 Main Street. Available Monday, June 18–Friday June 22. $4 each. Sorry, it’s all dairy, all gluten.