Featured Home Wellness
January 10, 2018


No really—it’s true

The slim pastel tube with sparkling gem tip only looks like an e-cig. In actuality, it’s a MONQ, a “personal diffuser” that turns all-natural essential oil blends into an inhalable mist. Using the same principles as traditional aromatherapy oils or tinctures, MONQ’s blends can help you unwind, focus, or improve your mood—all without nicotine or artificial chemicals or flavors. Here are four to stock up on and slip into your cosmetic bag. —Michelle Padgett

Sage is known to help combat fatigue, and black pepper was used by ancient Greek athletes to boost performance. So yeah, this will probably help you get your booty to the gym.

Facing a creative challenge? Ginger, lemon, and spearmint up concentration, focus, and mental clarity.

A blend of calming ylang ylang, uplifting orange, and mood-balancing frankincense offers a puff of sanity when your stress level hits new highs.

Happiness in a tube? Yes, too good to be true. But thyme (which boosts circulation and improves concentration) and vanilla (a confidence-lifting aphrodisiac) combine with seven additional herbs to give you a push in the right direction.

The Details: MONQ, $20 each. Shop online.