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April 15, 2019


The Eye Ball’s most surprising tradition continues

Who performed? Who wore what? What surprises were revealed? Along with the expected questions that arise post-The Eye Ball,there’s one you wouldn’t expect. What about the bathrooms? 

Every year, the tradition of outfitting the bathrooms has continued, with each year managing to be more over-the-top than the last. Swoon, The Studio leads the charge and finds new ways to flex their creative muscles. Who can make a trailer bathroom glam? Swoon, that’s who.

One year, they created an all-pink audio booth with a cassette tape exterior. Another year they transformed the space into a piñata, covering the walls with past issues of 1530 Main. This year, an austere black box with ornate white doors opened into a dizzying floral scene.

Everything—and we mean everything—was covered in a dramatic wallpaper floral, tying back to the event’s invitations. Custom hand towels and toilet paper worked in the event’s cheeky sayings (“Total Rubbish” and “Wicked Pisser” respectively).

The scene is one you could easily imagine the party’s dramatic characters (with hair and makeup by local legend Jan Strimple‘s team) piling out of after powdering their wigs and adjusting their lace ruffs.

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