December 2, 2017

Top Notes

Our resident fragrance expert shares five of his seasonal favorites

Texas weather is erratic as ever, and with November temps still well into the 70s, it can be a little hard to feel the fall moods. One way to give your spirit a little nudge? A fragrance that has autumn written all over it. Think: spiced accords, rich textures, and enough olfactory layers to compensate for the fact you’re only wearing a tee. Forty Five Ten fragrance consultant, Shasa Mitcham, shares his top picks.

Velvet Haze by Byredo 
“A new fragrance from the house of Byredo, Velvet Haze is exactly what the name suggests. It’s a mesmerizing and dreamy scent that’ll become your new escape. I love  the enveloping warmth of ambrette and patchouli paired with the sweetness of coconut water and cacao pod.”

Nuit De Bakelite by Naomi Goodsir
“Tuberose, the queen of white florals and the epitome of elegance, is reinvented in Naomi Goodsir‘s latest. The result is a ferociously seductive and carnal twist on a floral traditionally known for its delicate nature. Complex and rich—I like to suggest this for someone seeking a unique and unconventional scent.”

Terroni by Orto Parisi
“The inspiration for this newest scent is Mount Vesuvius and the roots and soil surrounding its gargantuan infrastructure. The rich earthiness make it truly captivating.”

Midnight Special by Ex Nihilo Paris
“A fragrance that captures the hypnotic and uninhibited seduction of nightfall. The rare accord of rose jelly harmonizes with the opulence of Turkish rose, while an exotic oud adds grounding depth and complexity. It’s a bold, audacious pick—perfect for evening events when you want to make a statement.”

Chergui by Serge Lutens
“A true cult classic, Chergui gets its name from the turbulent seasonal winds that rip through the desert in Morocco, the home and a place of inspiration for creative genius Serge Lutens. Honeyed tobacco and leather blend with the warmth of amber and the creaminess of sandalwood to create a fragrance that is sensual and deep.”

The Details: Let Shasa pair you with the right fragrance at Forty Five Ten, 1615 Main Street. Complimentary valet.