April 15, 2018


Talking crimped hair and bathroom karaoke

Fashion event producer Jan Strimple has been thrown some challenging hair and makeup directions for The Eye Ball in years past. (Last year her team was tasked with transforming models into painted sugar skulls and walking floral sculptures.) But this year, her mission was a simple one: GO BIG. The ’80s-inspired looks rocked by characters at this year’s party played heavily with scale. The higher the crimp, the better. The DJ’s sky-high mohawk was only rivaled by the pastel-hued pompadours on the line-up of muscled bartenders.

In ’80s, rebel kids were cutting class and blowing smoke out of bathroom windows. But at The Eye Ball, everything goes through a magnifying glass, so the night’s gum-smacking, fanny pack-wearing cool kids retreated to the bathrooms-turned-audio booths.

Wrapped to look like a neon-trimmed cassette tape, the parties’ bathrooms were designed by Swoon, The Studio. With every inch covered in pink—audio booth foam on the walls, latex wrapping the doors, pink toilet paper in stalls—the space was a selfie goldmine. And thanks to karaoke mics and headphones, it was also the spot for impromptu sing-a-longs in between lipstick touchups.