May 26, 2016

Totally Unrefined

You can have your (gluten-free) cake and eat it, too.

Mother-daughter duo Anne Hoyt and Taylor Nicholson were eating gluten-free before it was cool.

The pair suffers from Celiacs, and after realizing there was a lack of fresh, fun gluten-free food out in the market, stepped into the kitchen. What resulted was Unrefined Bakery, which caters to those with serious dietary restrictions (and just people who like to eat clean).

The menu, which includes sweets, breads, energy bars, muffins, and more, is available at five locations across Dallas. Many of the recipes are reimagined from their family cookbook, and Hoyt and Nicholson have focused on making Unrefined offerings taste just as good as their gluten-free offerings. Obviously, this is pretty big claim—but we’ve tasted quite a bit of the menu (it’s called “research”) and have to say—it’s good stuff.

The Details: Learn more here. Unrefined Bakery is located at 3426 Greenville Avenue.