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January 25, 2016

Hat Trick

Ice man Tyler Seguin’s designs cometh.

Tyler Seguin wears a uniform to work. It’s one you might be familiar with—the Canadian-born hockey player has rocking the bright green Dallas Stars jersey since 2013. But outside of the rink, he’s changing it up a little bit.

Athletes doubling as style icons isn’t a novel idea and seems like a natural fit for Seguin. The 23-year-old describes his off-duty style as “a mix of modern, clean lines and classic cuts.” It’s an aesthetic you can definitely see in Seguin’s first foray into the fashion industry—a line of snapbacks inspired by his own collection of baseball caps.

Naturally, one of the hockey player’s favorite boutiques—Forty Five Ten—is where you can find the goods.

“I can’t walk into [Forty Five Ten] without adding a piece to my wardrobe,” Seguin says. “Zack Shumway is the best. My last photo shoot I had him come and style it because we are always on the same page when it comes to style.”

We sat down with Seguin post-launch party to hear more about the design process, hat hair, and another one of his extracurriculars: The Seguin Stars. ($5 from every hat sold goes back to his eponymous outreach program.)


1530 Main: What was the design process like for the hats and logo? 

Tyler Seguin: The designing of the logo was a cool process. My team and I selected a designer in LA, Denise Lopez, to work with us on my brand identity. The process started with a Q&A to find out likes, dislikes, personal lifestyle, and taste. Then she submitted how she interpreted that and how the designs would work on a website, merchandise, and beyond. We went back and forth a few times but she nailed it pretty quickly.

The hats were a whole other process of finding the right style and then running tests on color ideas, size of logo, test marketing response to them.

The craziest one was the 1860 Limited Edition. I had a very specific vision for the camo pattern design/color and it took a lot of tries to perfect it. Also getting the signature just right with the embroidery was a challenge. Now that one is my favorite in the line.

1530: You collect baseball hats. How many do you own? Do you have a favorite?

TS: My collection is pretty big. I’m not sure exactly sure how many hats I have because I have added to it from all over the world. My favorite is my own 1860 hat.

1530: Hat hair is a serious issue. How do you fight it?

TS: That is a no-win situation; just part of being a guy.

1530: Another project you’re passionate about is Seguin’s Stars. Why is community outreach important to you?

TS: Seguin Stars began because I wanted to connect to the Dallas community. At the time of the launch, I was working closely with a friend from Canada that was in a severe car accident and dealing with a spinal cord injury. I teamed up with Southwest Wheelchair Athletic Association and worked to bring awareness to their sled hockey team. Each year we do an event to raise money and awareness.

For 2016 Seguin Stars has shifted to work with kids in the Dallas Area. I provide a suite for each home game that is split between Big Brothers Big Sisters of Dallas and the Boys and Girls Club of Dallas. The kids come to the game, get a Seguin Stars T-Shirt, and I provide dinner for them. The best part is meeting them afterwards. Many of the kids know nothing about hockey. I love their questions and it is awesome to share my passion for the game with them. As the season progresses will be doing some special workshops and events with them.

1530: How would you describe your style?

TS: My style is a mix of modern clean lines and classic cuts. I really enjoy clothes and learning about fashion.

1530: What’s something we’ll never find in your closet?

TS: Anything that’s worn out.

1530: If you weren’t a hockey player, what would you be doing with your life?

TS: I am not sure really—I can’t imagine not playing hockey. I enjoy working with kids so maybe coaching or teaching.