January 26, 2018


The new exhibition at Barry Whistler Gallery explores masters and students

The concept behind the exhibition “Masters of Some” was to feature two accomplished artists with a rich history of showing at the gallery—Michael Miller and John Pomara—alongside seven artists who were influenced by or connected to them. (Artist Karl Umlauf, included in the group show, was Pomara’s teacher at Texas A&M University-Commerce.)

The assortment of works ranges from a poured, vacuum-formed sculptural relief painting to digitized canvases to collage pieces incorporating layers of fabrics. “It’s a variety of thinking that’s always evolving and changing,” says gallerist Barry Whistler. “Sometimes people ask ‘What’s your take? Is it all abstract painting?’ and I say, ‘It’s eclectic’ and just kind of leave it at that.”

The visual narratives of Miller (found materials, bold colorations, incorporated text, appropriated imagery) and Pomara (savvy abstraction, technological interest, new media intersecting with painting) are at opposite ends of the spectrum. But in terms of vibrancy, the two are on the same page—or surface, if you will. In Miller’s corner there’s Trenton Doyle Hancock and Lawrence Lee. In Pomara’s: Luke Harnden, Kirsten Macy, Liz Trosper, Scott Barber, and Umlauf. Side-by-side you can see how these influencers’ work has inspired and impacted the other artists in distinct ways that leave their own mark. —Holly Jefferson

The Details: Barry Whistler Gallery, 315 Cole Street, #120. On view through February 18.