January 31, 2017

Watch It

A look at the film festivals you should see in 2017.

The emergence of Dallas as a major American cultural center is underscored by the symbols of its growth: a stunning trio of Calatrava-designed bridges; the realization of its dynamic Arts District along Flora Street; the proliferation of first class dining options that now rival the country’s bigger cities. Recently, what is also coming into focus is Dallas’ importance as a locus of film culture, both for film production and as a destination for a surprising number of film festivals.

In 2017, Dallas will host more than twenty film festivals. From the African Film Festival (June 30th – July 3rd) to the Women Texas Film Festival (August 19th – 21st), the city’s menu of festival programming is expansive, providing a chance for both serious and casual filmgoers to participate in a burgeoning community.

As Janis Burklund, the Dallas Film Commissioner expresses it, “the primary goal of festivals has typically been to showcase film and provide opportunities to hear and learn from the filmmakers involved with making them. They can also provide opportunities to see films that might otherwise never find an audience.”

In addition to Dallas’ biggest festivals, like the Dallas International Film Festival (April 14th – 24th), the USA Film Festival (April 20th – 24th), and Dallas Video Fest (next October), the city hosts many smaller, niche-oriented events, such as the Jewish Film Festival of Dallas, Black Cinemateque, Q Cinema, and the Asian Film Festival of Dallas.

Burklund added, “Shining a spotlight on the making of film can encourage our local filmmaking community as well as help our general community understand the importance of the industry locally.”

The Details:  For a complete list of all of next year’s film festivals and to learn about Dallas and all things film, check out dallasfilmcommission.com.