December 19, 2016

Well Read

What’s on the TASCHEN staff’s wish list.

“The self-taught, Academy-Award winning Spanish director has become one of the greatest film auteurs of our time, taking classic film narratives of melodrama, romantic comedy, and film noir and weaving them together with stories tied to his roots as a young child watching Luis Bunuel at the local cinema. Taschen’s 410 page archive book contains never before seen photography from his films, Almodovar’s signature, a c-print of Penelope Cruz as “Marilyn” also signed by Almodovar, AND an actual film strip from his 2006 film Volver, which earned Cruz an Academy Award nomination. An incredible book and must have for auteurs of all kinds.” — Monique Roberts, Sales

“The gift I wish somebody would give me from TASCHEN is The Rolling Stones SUMO edition. With only a few copies left in circulation, it would be an honor to own this tribute to rock n’ roll history. Anyone who can appreciate the cultural shifts brought on by the Stones’ boundary crossing musical genius would drool over this beauty with me. The gorgeous glossy clamshell case, with the iconic red lips logo on the exterior, that it comes in would display beautifully in my living room (or any room). This authorized illustrated biography was produced in collaboration with the band, features the world’s most renowned photographers, and comes signed by Mick, Keith, Charlie, and Ronnie! If only I were on the “nice” list this year.” — Daniel Casey, Social Media

“The gift I wish somebody would give me from The TASCHEN Library is: A Bigger Book, TASCHEN’s SUMO-sized David Hockney monograph. When I first learned The TASCHEN Library was going to be one of the few TASCHEN stores worldwide to carry the Hockney SUMO, I was curious to understand why Benedikt Taschen chose this contemporary artist to showcase in our premier, SUMO format. So, I researched. And, I became a fan. Hockney’s works so clearly reflect his private struggles with his art and his relationships from his teenage days, to the 1960s swinging London, and to, my personal favorites: his life lounging by Los Angeles pools in the 1970s. Oh, and the colors; each work is so vibrant that the thought behind every color jumps off the pages in this book. Not to mention that its SUMO size intensifies the impact those colors make on you while enjoying Hockey’s works.  Clearly, Mr. Taschen knew all along A Bigger Book would live up to its name.” — Dylan Malagrino, Sales