July 7, 2018


Or Milan, or Tokyo, or Amsterdam…

The fault with many travel magazines and guides lies in the fact that they’re often written by travel writers—not those who actually live the a city and know it best. And so often over-hyped places and boring landmarks end up on itineraries where they shouldn’t be.

Enter LOST iN, a series of city guides—currently 19 total—curated by locals who don’t just want to highlight the sights, but rather give you a real feel for the city and its spirit. From Taisho, a small yakitori spot in Tokyo to Cocoliche, a cave-turned-rave-club in Buenos Aires, LOST iN’s recommendations are nearly always spot on. Pick one up if you’re planning a trip to any of the following cities: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Ibiza, Paris, Lisbon, London, Los Angeles, Miami, Milan, New York City, Stockholm, Tokyo, Vienna, Warsaw, and Zurich.

Sadly, no Dallas edition, yet. But it’s ok—we’re here for that.

The Details: Grab a copy at Tenoversix at The Joule, 1511 Commerce Street.