November 1, 2016

Your New Pump Up Playlist

Brought to you by Vital Fitness Studio

The music played during an exercise class can make or break your workout.

It’s something that Michele Morris, cycle instructor at Vital Fitness Studio, is well aware of—and that’s why each of her playlists are carefully crafted to pump you up, make you push yourself, and finally cool you down.

Here’s what she’s loving this fall when it comes to spin class:


1. “The D Machine” by Croatia Squad
2. “212” by Azealia Banks

During Class

1. “Ain’t My Fault” by Zara Larsson
“The first song of class is the most important. It sets the tone of class, so I typically like to pick a song that is well known, popular at the time, has a decent beat (70-75 RPM) that isn’t too challenging. We wake the body up, shake it out to the beat, then add in some easy moves to get the feeling going throughout every muscle group.”
2. “Faded Ensemble Remix” by ZHU and Vicetone
3. “Party People” by Derek Minor featuring Social Club
4. “Hype” by Calvin Harris
5. “Rise Up” (Calvin Logue remix, Soundcloud version) by Andra Day
“At this point in the ride, fatigue starts to set in. We’ve already pushed the body hard and people start to give out. I like to play a song that’s inspiring, something that allows riders a chance to find a connection with the beat, the lyrics, and the people around them. This song talks about being broken down and finding a way to rise to the top. I like to mention that we all fall down and crumble at some point, the halfway point in the ride is not the time to do it, we have to pick ourselves back up, turn the ride around and push to the end. I keep the weight on the bike a little lighter and let them find a high speed so that can feel like they are racing against the clock to the finish.”
6. “Purple Lamborghini” by Skrillex with Rick Ross
“I love rap music. Adore it. Especially ones that have heavy drops and hard hitting beats—it’s the best kind of music to do my favorite move, the push and tap. It gets the body going, allows the riders to let loose, and is a great stress reliever. Skrillex always has amazing remixes of songs, and this one was featured on the movie “Suicide Squad” and as soon as I heard it, I loved it. This song wakes you up, energizes you, and allows you to really get into the movement.”
7. “Needed Me” (TEE remix, Soundcloud version) by Rihanna
8. “Higher” by Just Blaze and Baauer
9. “The Greatest” by Sia
“This is the heaviest portion of the entire class. I use this for the climb. We build up to this point of the class alternating resistance and speed so that when we get to this point, it is all about the power that we’ve created in order to push our way up and over the last hill. The song by Sia is so motivating, it even talks about building stamina, climbing over the mountain, not giving up and being the best you can bewhich is exactly what they need to hear at this point in the ride.”
10. “Thinking About You” by Calvin Harris
11. “Show Me Love” EDX remix by Sam Feldt
12. “Gold Dust” by Galantis
“I always make the last song the most difficult of the class. I like to do a little cool down then push everyone one final time, not to intimate or wear them down but to let them prove to themselves that there is always a little extra inside to give it their all. This song is perfect for that because the first part of it allows them to just sit in the saddle, let the body and legs breathe, and then the beat picks up several times in order to let them build the pace to the music. There are two sets to the song that allows them to go all out, as fast as they can for 30 seconds each time and then another cool down in between.”

Cool Down

 1. “Torn” by James TW