When we announced a special edition of Tea at Mirador highlighting the Chinese tradition of yum cha, tickets sold out within 24 hours. Now the team has added a second seating so that more can experience this creative, four-course menu celebrating Pan-Asian cuisine. For more on the event, we chatted with The Joule's Director of Banquets, Adam Hoang

What exactly is yum cha?  
In Cantonese, it translates to “drink tea” and refers to the long-standing tradition of gathering with friends over small, shareable plates (usually dim sum style) while enjoying Chinese teas. 

And what’s dim sum? 
Dim sum traditionally refers to steamed dumplings prepared in two- to three-bite portions. In the United States (and specifically in the Dallas area) it’s generalized to refer to a variety of Chinese small plates, served family style. 

What inspired you and your team to explore this new menu? 
I’ve developed our traditional English-derived afternoon tea service for many years. Throughout its many incarnations, I always had the idea of doing an Asian-influenced tea service in the back of my mind. Tea is a cornerstone of East and Southeast Asian culinary traditions and dim sum fits the style of the shareable bites that we do for our afternoon tea. 

There are some exciting ingredients: XO sauce, tobiko, mochi… What if you’re unfamiliar with these?
Dallas is blessed with such a diverse food landscape that if you haven’t had these new flavors and ingredients, you will soon will. And I will be glad to be the first to introduce you to them! 

What’s one of your favorite memories having dim sum with friends or family? 
From a young age, I remember going with family to get dim sum on Sundays.  After I grew up, going to dim sum was a hangover cure after a late night out.  The restaurants were always full of energy and excitement with the steam carts full of food roaming the floors.

Any classic favorites? 
I personally love steamed chicken feet and can remember the very first time I had it. The texture and the salty, fatty chicken flavor is addictive. I would love to have that on the menu, but it might be too adventurous for this first time around. 

Maybe next time! So what's your favorite bite on the menu? 
Chef Nat Assavaboonsathien has created a wonderful menu, so its really hard to pick one bite, but I have to say the har gow with our housemade XO sauce is addicting. I talk about it all the time and cannot wait to have my own basket of them with a half-gallon of that sauce to go with it! 

- - - 
The Details: Yum Cha takes place at Mirador on April 3 at 1pm. Tickets are limited and will sell out; purchase yours in advance here