Why freezer martinis should be a thing at your house.

You throw open your front door and greet your guests with a chilled martini. Maybe you're wearing a silk kimono. Who knows. But it's a vision. 

Martinis are among the most glam refreshments for a host to offer. They're fun to make, but they can also be a little difficult to get right time after time, especially when you're shaking up several for guests in between gossip.

Award-winning bartender Gabe Sanchez has the perfect solution. "Batch your martinis, place them in the freezer to stay the perfect temperature, and make sure the simple stays simple."

His recipe for a classic freezer martini reads a bit like a math equation, but it's easy, infinitely scalable, and very forgiving. 

Start with a ratio of 50% gin to 30% dry or blanc vermouth and 20% water for dilution. "Pro tip," says Gabe, "Crazy Water #4 from Mineral Wells adds the perfect amount of tang to balance your martini." Mix it all into a glass bottle and store in your freezer door. That's it!

Before you pour, splash one drop of orange bitters and one drop of champagne vinegar into the glass. "It goes from really good to amazing."

There's only one thing better than an ice-cold martini from your freezer and that's one from The Porch. The Knox-Henderson neighborhood favorite keeps Gabe's recipe flowing and on 'Tini Tuesdays, they're just $2. Yep. All day, every Tuesday. So the party just moved from your house to The Porch. 

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The Details: The Porch, 2912 North Henderson Avenue.