Zero-proof mocktail or something harder that’ll do the trick?

Whichever path you choose, we’ve selected the best-in-category sips at two of our favorite bars in the city. 

What: An Italian spritz-ish mocktail made with a shiso citrus cordial 

Where to Find It: Midnight Rambler, the subterranean cocktail destination at The Joule 

Made With: Japanese shiso leaf, sugar, Lyre’s Italian spritz, club soda or sparkling water 

Mood: Refreshing, upbeat, vibrant 

Created By: Gabe Sanchez, Award-Winner Cocktail Expert 

Why It’s Great: “The rising trend of zero-proof drinks is, I think, in direct response to how alienating going-out culture can be to those who don’t drink. People want to go out with friends, but always connecting over alcohol can become problematic. I think a lot of bartenders are getting interested in making things more inclusive.”  

Leaves You Feeling: Refreshed and clearheaded 

Perfect For: Those seeking lots of flavor and creativity without the hangover 

Round Two: Ask any of the bartenders at Midnight Rambler to create a custom mocktail for you. They’ve got lots of imaginative options. 

What: An ultra-premium Polish rye vodka martini accompanied by a delicious spoonful of kaluga caviar 

Where to Find It: Tango Room, the luxe steakhouse in the nearby Design District 

Made With: Belvedere single estate, oyster shell vermouth, kümmel, egg yolk jam, kaluga

Mood: Crisp, decadent, piquant 

Created By: Rye Patton, Bar Manager

Why It’s Great: “This martini was crafted to perfectly complement the caviar and garnishes. The kümmel liqueur boasts a caraway component that sings with the salinity of the kaluga and herbed breadcrumb garnish. The oyster shell vermouth adds a nice minerality to balance and tie everything together.” 

Leaves You Feeling: Fancy, warm, and fuzzy 

Perfect For: Epicureans who are always interested in trying something new 

Round Two: Try the bar’s signature Boulevardier made with bourbon, rye, cold brew campari, and barrel-aged vermouths.

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Head to @midnightramblerbar for the latest word on DJs, event, merch drops, and more. Reservations aren't required but highly recommended for Tango Room.