How Chinese medicine and holistic treatments renew both body and mind at The Spa at The Joule. 

We don’t need to emphasize how stress, inflammation, and environmental toxins wreak havoc on your skin, while doing a number on your peace of mind, too. There are plenty of treatments to peel, zap, and exfoliate your way to at least looking like you’re thriving and well-rested. But The Spa at The Joule takes a more comprehensive approach, specializing in mind-body rituals that incorporate elements from Chinese and Ayurvedic healing traditions. Lana Evans, Lead Massage Therapist at The Spa with decades of experience, shares her insights.

When it comes to more holistic treatments, where does one start?
“I like to educate my clients on being intuitive to their body’s needs. I always offer cupping, gua sha, and reflexology to complement clients’ regimens. Cupping in particular can really be a benefit. It targets a huge variety of concerns, including toxin buildup, congestion, headaches, and muscle tension.”

Some people may be nervous to try cupping. Why do you recommend it? Are there any misconceptions?
“Cupping is an all-round amazing complement to massage, because people tend to have chronic areas that need a little extra attention. Cupping helps release stagnant blood, circulating fresh blood supply to the area of concern. The signature red marks are caused from cup placement on specific areas, but they disappear after a few days.”

The Spa at The Joule also offers abhyanga massage. What does that consist of?
“Abhyanga massage is an Ayurvedic-style massage that uses a combination of hydrating, essential oils and long movements over the body to encourage the release of any built-up pressure in the muscles. The movements are more fluid than typical deep pressure massage, which encourages relaxation of the mind and body as one.”

Tell us a little about gua sha and its benefits.
“I love gua sha. It helps to loosen the fascia around the muscles, which really need to be addressed in areas that get repetitive use.”

Gua sha facials are a big trend now. Are they safe to do at-home?
“We offer gua sha in our facials and actually recommend clients continue the practice at home to maintain the benefits of lymphatic drainage in the face. Even if we’re not performing a service that includes facial gua sha, we always have our tools on-hand and are happy to educate clients on how to perform the proper movements.”

What does lymphatic drainage do?
“In a sense, it helps the lymphatic system get moving and push out the toxins. We tend to lock down in certain areas—chest, hips, abdominals, ankles, and upper thighs—due to muscle tension.

The Spa offers a whole lineup of rituals that include these therapies. What’s your current favorite?
“The Blissful Ritual! I always love a good detox and the blue-green algae polish delivers. Along with the amazing moisture scrub and detoxifying wrap, you’ll get a full-body massage to be totally pampered and relaxed.”

And when you’re not at The Spa, how do you relax?
“With a very good glass of red wine and ten minutes on my Chi machine. My body gets a total realignment, lymphatic movement, and sensory nerve reload!”

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