The tradition of nose-to-tail cooking pays respect to animals, ranchers, and butchers by ensuring no salty, juicy, crispy bit goes to waste. It's also often a labor of chefy love. Take, for example, the Berkshire pig's head at CBD Provisions. Creating this masterpiece is no small feat. The process takes nearly a week, beginning with a five-day, saltwater brine, followed by a twelve-hour steaming process that makes the meat super tender. Is it worth it? Well, ask the two million viewers who've checked out the Best. Ever. Food. episode documenting every step behind this famous dish. 



Is it for everyone? Maybe not, but that's ok. "This dish is very punk rock," says Coner Seargeant, Director of Culinary Operations overseeing CBD Provisions and its family of restaurants at Headington Cos. "We want the people who are adventurous; we want that clientele here." And apparently, there are a lot of adventurous epicureans in Dallas. The crispy pigs' heads are in such high demand, chef recommends reserving yours 48 hours in advance. 

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The Details: CBD Provisions, 1530 Main. Reservations available via Resy. Follow @cbdprovisions for more.